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You know how when you know you’re about to die, and you grasp whatever oxygen left just to survive another second? It’s the same with Lionel today, he wrote a blogpost which was supposed to bring people to visit his site, but let’s just not to that, I’ve posted it below.

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Re: why people haven’t made any reports — I think I can answer why, if they haven’t yet — for one thing, Malaysia treats the victims of sexual violence and harassment very, very badly. The default assumption is that the fault is the victims’, not the perpetrator, and while they’ll maybe punish the perpetrator, people will keep badgering the victim about why they didn’t “be more careful”.

The crux of the matter is… sometimes, you can’t. Not to someone you’ve put your trust in. Not in situations where you were too young to know, in a time when no one thought about taking precautions (I mean, really? Friendster photos from the mid 2000s?).

In any case, Serge has done the following:

  1. Said he was hacked.
  2. When outed, said he was performing a “social experiment”.

I dunno about you, but as an old fandom_wank hand, I expect to see some kind of faked cancer or car accident Pseuicide shit. After all, you’ve demonstrated your lack of control over why your reputation is now in the toilet, and then, SIKE, not true, actually your l33t sk1llz in how you performed the Xanatos Gambit on ALL you dum-dums! My true friends would know, of course.

Neither will work, so all you can do is convert all of that hate to sympathy by pretending to struck cruelly by fate, thus reminding everyone of how horrible they were to you while you were “still alive”. You might even be able to score some ph4t l3wt this way.

I’ve been ranty-ranty about this on Twitter today, so it’s better that I post my two cents’ worth here. I know everyone has opinions about this and this is just my perspective, so, read if you want, or whatever. This is gonna be TL;DR for sure.

I did not know @dustyhawk before this. I was only alerted to the existence of the Sweet Young Malaysian Girls blog because one victim sent a message to us at Keluarga Killjoy. The SYMG blog seemed to feature pictures of young girls stolen from social media sites, along with their names and info. This was some serious shit here. It did not matter whether the girls’ accounts were public or private — whatever content they put up was meant only to remain there on their own accounts.

When I saw @dustyhawk’s personal site being linked as a contributor on the SYMG blog, I thought maybe someone was trying to discredit him. Another presumption was that maybe his site was linked because the SYMG blog simply sourced their content from his site. Then I went to his site and saw the Intermission Babes segment, where one of the pictures was that of a topless young girl. I saw a few other pictures of young girls on that site; I didn’t want to venture further. From then on I did not care anymore whether he really was a contributor to the SYMG blog; he got child porn on his own site — he’s also a pedo apart from whomever created the SYMG blog.

He released a statement denying contributing to the SYMG blog but admitting that, yeap, he’s a perv, so what? When I replied to him saying that the issue was not about denial but that the SYMG blog sourced their content from his site and thus he was pretty much culpable, he retweeted me to his over 1000 followers. I immediately assumed that was done in malice. I had (and still have) 50 followers on Twitter and really did not have the energy to engage in a war with a smug pedophile who did not see what was wrong with what he did. I simply locked my account.

Of course there’s a lot of uproar on Twitterjaya. People defending him, people chastising him. Maybe I could be more objective since I’m not his friend, but at first when people were more concerned with him clearing up his name from the SYMG blog, I was really irked. Young girls were exploited and people cared more about a hot suspect’s reputation? And I became very frustrated when, after he admitted being a “perv” and having a preference for young girls, a lot of people readily accepted that at face value and didn’t further question the Intermission Babes segment on his site. Nowhere else had a pedophile been forgiven just by simply explaining himself.

You know what? Fuck that shit. This was why things turned into a shitstorm and people were still in denial when @lightyoruichi posted evidence that @dustyhawk had been the one behind the SYMG blog all along. We think that “liking” young girls is just masculine behavior. We refuse to believe that sexual predators are among us, are normal, are our brothers, fathers, sons, friends. They’re not creepy with us, so we don’t believe that they are creepy with others.

Pedophiles don’t just do straightforward, horrific stuff to children. There’s a pattern, and that includes chatting up young girls at the events you’re hired at as a photographer and making your friends uncomfortably laugh at you for always posting pics of young girls on your social media accounts. Generally, appear like a regular guy, a little bit creepy but not creepy enough for people to suspect you’re a pedo. Even if they do, they’d just brush it off because you know we’re all conditioned to be polite and to mind our own business and, hey, you’re a photographer so it’s your job to take photos of people, and you play on that trust that people give you.

And of course the girls who were posted on the SYMG blog were blamed for posting their pics online. Of course. I have nothing more to say to this except fuck you all who victim-blamed them. The SYMG blog had been up for months before it was taken down and we don’t know how far the pics and the girls’ info have traveled. They will probably have to deal with stalkers for years to come.  And I don’t care that the topless girl already had her pics posted on 4chan and that we don’t even know if she’s a minor — re-distributing the pic was still wrong, and he probably did it to drive up hits — that pic was the most viewed on his site until it was taken down. Moon knows how much money he’s making from these few days alone, which is why — STOP GOING TO HIS SITE.

Word is that there are other creeps in the same community. I’m not in there so I don’t know how serious it is. Just observe the pattern and don’t dismiss it if your friends are creepy. Like, liking-young-girls creepy. Fucking engage with them in a discussion or something rather than let minor creepy behavior slide, because this is what happens, folks. Now that the truth is out, there are countless stories of @dustyhawk preying on young girls for *years*, but no one had ever said anything then because “he’s just a harmless perv”.

A lot of people accused @lightyoruichi of being a vigilante, but the point remains that here’s a guy — @dustyhawk — exploiting young girls for attention and profit and making them prey to sexual predators all around the world. There’s a line between being a perv and being a creepy ass pedo who actively hurts others and he fucking crossed that line.

Am I the only one who noticed that Dustyhawk bears the hallmarks of a predator? I mean, the fact that this guy works as a photographer and goes to events taking photos of young girls really worries me (not to mention that he’s been collecting and cataloguing them as well). Someone mentioned that Dustyhawk uses his work to chat these girls up, claiming it’s part of his job.

This. Is. Bad.

That’s the thing — considering how there was a huge flurry of attention of a recent murder related to cosplay, where the victim was a 15-year old1

Look. The part that struck me hardest was the fact that there were people — some of them rather involved in progressive movements and human rights — who were vociferously defending @dustyhawk and saying that @lightyoruichi was engaging in vigilantism. I saw the unedifying sight of someone who said that they had a hard time believing that @dustyhawk was a predator when he was like “a brother to [them]”… and then coming out later with this piece of news, and making a comment that Malaysians are pedo enablers.

Oh, my god. Yes. Thank you for pre-illustrating your point with your incredibly cogent example.

The problem, the deep, fundamental problem here isn’t the fact that the community that @dustyhawk is in, and the social circles that he frequents, are inherently breeding grounds of abusive behavior. Abuse, especially towards young, vulnerable people, is not something that only affects geek communities — you get it in academic circles, in religious communities, in social movements, in close-knit communities, in kinky places and swingy places, hell, if you’re not careful you see it in feminist organisations as well. Nothing about your ideology, your belief system, how you are structured, what principles you choose to embrace… nothing immunises you from someone coming in to group to prey on your most vulnerable. What stops them… tends to be a process that calls people out on their shit and punishes them, expects them to self-educate and -regulate, and does absolutely nothing to blame the people who are victimised by the predator or abuser.

It means taking seriously the claims of people being abused. It means not jumping immediately to the defence of someone being accused of abuse, because they are “good people,” and you know what kind of good people they are, because you’ve known them since forever. It does not mean that you cover shit up, or stand up for the abuser, because they have done so much for the community, and you don’t want to tear the community apart:

They believed in their church. They believed in their mission. And out of the temptation that comes only to the virtuous, they somehow persuaded themselves that protecting their institution’s various good works mattered more than justice for the children they were supposed to shepherd and protect.

I suspect a similar instinct prompted the higher-ups at Penn State to basically ignore what they described as Jerry Sandusky’s “inappropriate conduct,” and persuaded Paterno that by punting the allegation to his superiors he had fulfilled his responsibility to the victimized child. He had so many important duties, after all, and so many people counting on him. And Sandusky had done so much good over the years …

And we’re not even talking about ministering a faith or shepherding a community, and — thank the Almighty God — we are not talking about outing a rapist or an abuser. We’re talking about a community that, at most, generally dresses up in funky costumes and watches a lot of cartoons, and one guy who decided to stalk and profile the youngest and most vulnerable members of the community. And even there already we had people who were shocked and angered that there were people who were impugning on someone’s honour by accusing without basis, and went on to blame the people who were hurt the most by this — not the abuser, but the young women whose pictures and real names he shared without their permission. And, when the evidence got too uncomfortable, the very same people went on to say that they were okay with it, because… he’s a “perv”2.

If you can’t even get this corrective action right, how am I supposed to trust you with even bigger things? If I can’t even get your commitment to the right of privacy for your youngest and most vulnerable members, how am I supposed to know that you can guarantee that their right to life and freedom from violence won’t be treated the same way?

  1. I’m generally annoyed with the tone of voice that the Star Online has, attributing the murder to “those anime freaks”, when the issue is much deeper than that. 

  2. I get very annoyed with people who say that just because @dustyhawk identifies as a “perv”, so creepy behaviour is acceptable. No, it’s not. Being interested in things that society considers perverted, and enjoying it, in your own space and time, is not the problem. Violating someone’s right to privacy is. Get the difference. 

I have nothing to add to this perfect commentary, except a note that Malaysians seem to struggle particularly hard with rape culture. Victim blaming is so pervasive, it’s hard to make people understand that victims never never ever ask for these things to happen to them. For the most part we seem to have accepted that crime is inevitable. Victim blaming is the thing that triggers the most facebook fights for me, and it’s time we got round to thinking about why.

Who’s behind these blogs


Now, by the time I’m writing this, the blog sweetyoungmalaysiangirls has been removed. The only inkling there is, is the blog which was linked to the sweetyoungmalaysiangirls. 

This post is to serve as a trail on how to prove who is behind the blog, which we all suspected was Dustyhawk.

First of all. Let’s take a look at the site, Obviously, there isn’t any indication to prove the author of the site or any inkling to it.

Next, we pull out the RSS XML feed of the site, which is located at I’ve embedded the gist below for easier viewing.

Now, we run a search on the feed for the author string. Here’s couple of example:

<name>Sweet Young Asian Girls</name>
<gd:image rel="" width="16" height="16" src="" />
<name>Serge Norguard</name>
<gd:image rel="" width="22" height="32" src="" />
<name>Serge Norguard</name>
<gd:image rel="" width="22" height="32" src="" />
<name>Serge Norguard</name>
<gd:image rel="" width="22" height="32" src="" />
Now, these names and metadata is directly pulled from the blogger’s Blogger profile, and these are used to identify the blogger’s identity. Now how do we connect this author metadata to Serge’s blogger profile? With the help of Derrick Low from one of the many Facebook post, i’ve found this site where it list most of Serge’s profile, and located his Blogger profile at, which list couple of his other blogs. Now, when you pull out the full size profile picture from his page there, it’ll direct you to this link, which incidentally is the same link connected to the author profile picture in The same author profile and profile picture was also used in sweetyoungmalaysiangirls’s blog. The way Google works, is the URI for your Blogger’s account profile picture can’t be different with any other person because it’s stored only in your own profile. If i were to upload that same image to another new profile, i’d get a new profile photo URL.

Following his explanation here, I think I have couple of question that’s people need to ask him.

  1. During that period of 28 weeks, which were the phones were you reviewing and why is he not contacting those agency demanding explanation?
  2. Why does he has pictures of naked young women on his own blog,
  3. Why do you have pictures of young girls on your Instagram?
  4. Sure you claimed that you’re hacked, why don’t you tell us the details of the device used? Are all of them same (which in that case, does it co-incides with the phone you’re reviewing) or are they different?
  5. Why don’t you post a video screenshot of you logging to your blogger profile and show us the home page of your Blogger Home page here Video screenshot to make sure it’s not photoshopped.



Now, many of you might think why I asked him to take a video when a screenshot was necessary, that is because I wanted his browser autocomplete to show me this, which is in the video he posted.


Sorry bro, my last question….


For those unknown, it’s the blogger admin console for those blogs. Enough work done. Sleep time.

In which @lightyoruichi, via social engineering & target’s poor OPSEC, provides evidence that @dustyhawk knows more about #sweetyoungmalaysiangirls than he admits…

Not sure if y’all have seen this going around facebook but can we just talk about how creeptastic it is? Facebook says if the photos were public, they can’t do anything about it. And Blogger says they’ll only remove private contact information like cell phone numbers. But it’s super creepy how all these girls are in high school and have their pictures tagged with “Asian”, “young asian”, “sweet young thing” and “teen” - terms I associate with porn search items. As far as I know, these pictures were lifted without their knowledge and consent. I already submitted it to AAGU, but can we get something going to have it taken off the internet? 

Jha’s Addition:

The specific URL for reporting Blogger abuse is here:

Blogger’s Abuse page reads this:

material that promotes hatred toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity is not allowed on Blogger.

Fetishization is a form of “liking” a group of people that comes about only if you don’t actually see them as human beings, making them an easy target for abuse.

If you read down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find that a dude named Serge from PJ is credited as a content provider. Whether this means he’s responsible for actually posting or just website design is unclear, that’s still evidence he’s involved in something really hokey, and you can contact him through his website, or tweet him: @dustyhawk. 

So it turns out that one reason why it’s so damn hard to secure East Malaysia turns out to be the very same people the General Operations Forces (GOF) are trying to protect:

GOF personnel based on the island have had bitter experiences with the “white guys” at the resort and complained that they were restricted from entering the premise even to buy food.

"We were told they did not want their guests to see us carrying weapons and that we should keep out of the resort area," said a GOF man who had to depend on daily foodstuff brought from Semporna town, a 45-minute boat ride away.

Now, this sort of shit isn’t exactly something new, where a bunch of white expats come to formerly colonized nations and try to re-enact the same kind of shitty things we violently kicked them out of for graciously accept since we received our freedom for self-determination from them on a silver platter.

And yes, it could really be the head of the GOF trying to shift blame for lackluster work towards a bunch of people who are easily very much resented, but you know what?

They said the well-connected resort owners, employing rude Caucasians in the guise of guests, were breeding anger and inviting more kidnappings not only for money but also revenge.

Totally plausible. Act as if the people who do this kind of work are violent lowly meatheads who deserve barely any courtesy, much less respect, and then start whining and puling the minute blood gets spilled and ransom demands are made. We’ve seen this fuckery before.

Sorry for the long absence. Here’s a piece by Koh Lay Chin that came out two days ago:

These days when young women come across the words ‘feminist’ or ‘feminism’ at all, it is most likely coming out the mouths of international pop stars.

Let’s face facts. Many of today’s young girls and women probably aren’t reading about feminism on great blogs like Feministing, or learning about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s journey as a ‘happy African feminist’.

They don’t know their Greer from their Pankhurst. They probably don’t read about feminism too much, except through news of a protest here and there, and a women’s rights article here and there.

More likely, they would have consumed feminism as a (mini) topic through the following women:

Read more here.

The Miss World pageant in Indonesia was moved last month amid protests from radical Muslim groups. In July, a member of the Malaysian Parliament proposed forcing women to abide by a dress code to better control the country’s issues with sexual crimes.

Ann Osman is both Muslim and Malaysian. And Friday when she makes her professional mixed martial arts debut, she’ll be fighting against more than just her opponent – she’ll be breaking down barriers for women across Southeast Asia.

Osman will battle Sherilyn Lim of Singapore for the ONE Fighting Championship organization at Singapore Indoor Stadium in front of a sold-out crowd of 12,000 people. Even though two of ONE FC’s top fighters are competing, the women have overshadowed all their male counterparts in terms of attention.

Osman is the first Muslim Malay female to ever compete at this level of MMA and this will be just the second women’s fight in ONE FC history. Though women’s martial arts are deeply rooted in Southeast Asia going back generations, a spectacle like this has never been seen.

Read more.

We posted about Ann about a month ago. Here she is, tearing it up on the New York Post. Who’s excited about her match tomorrow? :D

PETALING JAYA, Oct 16 — Who knew women are becoming increasingly aggressive? Who knew that men are steadily adding to government statistics of victims of domestic violence?

Consider: The police received 650 cases of men being abused by wives and family members in 2010. The figure jumped to 815 in 2011 and 930 last year.

Social analysts said this worrying trend showed that a growing number of Malaysian men were becoming victims of domestic abuse by their partners or families.

They said most of the victims were professionals, an indication of growing female dominance in households.

However, while 28 per cent of domestic violence victims are men, the number of women abused remains higher, at 72 per cent.

Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement  women’s affairs vice-president Fadlina Siddiq said those abused were usually professionals — primarily doctors, engineers, accountants, teachers and PhD holders.

She said women were becoming dominant as they were breadwinners in some families, usurping the traditional role of men.

“Some were hit with golf clubs, mops, brooms or even slapped by their spouses.

“Some suffer mental abuse when the wife refuses to talk for weeks or months. Some wives even deny their husbands sex for a prolonged period of time,” she said.

“Many women today are decision-makers in families. This goes against the traditional and religious role as man has always been seen as the protector of the family.

“If a father fails to play his traditional role this will also confuse children,” she said.

We have counselled several children and they told us they have seen their mother abusing their father. This has to stop because it confuses the children.

Women’s Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah said abuse, be it on men or women, is not right and pro-active steps must be taken to protect the victims.

“Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse that involves both physical and mental,” said Josiah.

Josiah said if the number of abused men was increasing, the ministry should set up a helpline to assist them.

Malaysian Psychiatric Association secretary Dr Hazli Zakaria said: “We should first rule out any psychiatric disorder in either the victim or the perpetrator and offer them treatment as required,” he said.


Do I want to claim that the percentage is inflated? Yes, because just two months ago, this news report stated that only 430 cases of domestic violence against men were reported from 2008 to April 2013.

You don’t come out with another story some time later saying, oh, it’s actually 28% rather than the estimated 0.02%, and because it’s this srs now, women are to be blamed for “showing their claws” or “being dominant” or “not conforming to traditional gender roles”.

The fact remains — women are still overwhelmingly the main victims of domestic violence rather than the perpetrators. Somehow men who commit 72% of domestic violence cases against women don’t get called out on their shit.

TL;DR, but don’t bother giving the page more hits:

PETALING JAYA:  While the main motivation for most gigolos is money, many also may suffer from deep psychological problems.

Psychiatrist Associate Professor Dr Andrew Mohanraj said that many gigolos were found to have narcissistic characteristics.

"Grandiosity, a need for admiration, and an overall lack of empathy for others are some of the characteristics found among gigolos.

"They pride themselves on their looks and often need others to reinforce this perception," he said.

Dr Andrew added that they may do the job for pleasure and the feeling of being adored and receiving sexual attention.  They also do not feel any remorse about making money out of it.

Early exposure to sexual experiences as well as physical and sexual abuse are also common factors among those involved in the flesh trade.

According to Dr Andrew, even when the men were involved in the trade purely for monetary gain, the long term psychological repercussions will affect their future relationships.

"Those with a narcissistic personality may eventually chose to be a Casanova who hopes to bait a rich potential spouse through his amorous behaviour much like the charming historical 18th century namesake who recorded his sexual exploits with countless women," he said.

Despite the strict moral code that most Malaysians are brought up with, the phenomenon of gigolos is one that is becoming more prominent in the country.

"In pursuit of short term financial gain, morality is often compromised . Many would justify this as purely as an occupation, part time or otherwise and there is little or no morose," Dr Andrew said.

He, however, cautioned women to be aware of substance abuse by the gigolo if they chose to indulge in such encounters.

"Gigolos often indulge like consumption of amphetamine-like substances ( ice or ecstasy ) to enhance their libido .

"This can result in risk-taking behaviour like unprotected sex which can be harmful to the unwitting clients," he said adding that exposure to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) including AIDS is among the risks women will be taking.

On women who hire gigolos, Dr. Andrew opined that there could be many reasons for the choice, one of them being the reluctance of getting into a committed relationship.

"Gigolos are able to fufil their sexual needs and wants without the commitment. From a psychological perspective some of these women may suffer from low self esteem and feel "wanted" by such a sexual tryst even if it is artificial."

"Other women may also have some personality issues themselves which makes them want to feel in control or project their displeasure and vengeance on their partner by resorting to such promiscuous behaviour," he said.

Hello everyone.

Four months ago, I submitted this post to a blog on Tumblr called angryasiangirlsunited. Tumblr rallied, and after I submitted links to the pages, there was a reporting spree and soon enough the pages were deleted. I’m here now because another page quite similar to the old ones have sprouted up again on Facebook. Click to view.

If you don’t have time to read my post on Tumblr or visit the Facebook page I linked, I’ll give you the TL;DR. A bunch of guys are claiming to ‘educate’ teenage Indian girls by stealing and posting private photos that may or may not contain nudity. AND EVEN IF THOSE GIRLS DID POST ANY SORT OF PHOTOS WITH FULL-FRONTAL NUDITY, THAT DOES NOT GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO STEAL IT, REPOST IT, PRETEND TO BE DOING IT TO ‘EDUCATE’ THOSE GIRLS AND ‘PREVENT’ THEM FROM DOING IT AGAIN, ALL THE WHILE COUNTLESS MALES COMMENT ON THE PICTURE BELOW WITH THINGS LIKE “I WANT TO FUCK YOU” OR “IS YOUR BRA SIZE A 34?”. And if this whole thing really is about educating girls, if it really is about teaching them about the dangers of posting private photos online, THEN CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY ARE THERE PHOTOS OF GIRLS WEARING T-SHIRTS AND SHORTS. T-shirts and shorts.

Please help us out and report this disgusting, misogynistic, slut-shaming page.

You’re right. These girls do not deserve this. Absolutely abominable. You know what to do, people. Reblog this like fire. And report away.

How is this for the sake of Malay Muslims? It’s not like they aren’t already the dominant racial group in Malaysia, with religious conversion being impossible for them.